Getting our ducks in a row

01 October 2014.

Our call to action campaign encouraging students to get their ducks in a row for 2015 starts in October and there are lots of ways you can help.

Studylink Duck banner 336 x 280

This year we are again asking students to apply by 16 December.

This approach allows us to manage the volume of applications in order to help students get organised for the start of the new study year. This also benefits education providers by enabling fee payments to be made earlier.

Your help to spread the message is a big contributor to its success. This year, we've produced some material that will help you do this easily, such as:

  • text to use on your website and in e-newsletters
  • images in a range of sizes for you to use on your website and in emails
  • images in common screen resolutions that can be used as screensavers or wallpapers in libraries or computer suites.

Text for websites and newsletters

Have you got your ducks in a row?

If you’re studying next year there's a lot to get sorted. Help StudyLink to help you, get your application in now to be in the best position for the start of your study. The sooner the better, but be sure to apply by the 16th of December.

Have you got your ducks in a row?

Get your ducks in a row and apply for your Student Allowance or Loan by the 16th of December.

Website images and screensavers