Variation Report to the Information Matching Agreement

24 September 2014.

The change to include Source of Funding (SoF) codes in Verification of Study (VoS) responses requires a variation to the current Information Matching Agreement.

The Variation Report has now been signed by the Deputy Chief Executive of MSD, following consultation and agreement with a range of education providers across the sector, MSD legal services and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

To allow StudyLink to request the Source of Funding code in VoS requests for study that starts on or after 1 January 2015, all education providers need to complete the required sections, sign the report and return it to us by Friday 10 October 2014.

The following sections need to be completed:

  • Page 1 – the name of your education provider.
  • Page 2 – the name of your education provider.
  • Page 5 – the signatory’s name, title and signature; the name of your education provider and the date.

The signatory needs to be of a delegation level that is equivalent or similar to the person who originally signed the Information Matching Agreement with us.

You can download a copy of the variation report below. You can return the completed report to us by either email or post:


You can either sign the report, scan it and send it to, or you can send a copy of the variation report to with an electronic signature in the body of the email.


StudyLink National Office

Ministry of Social Development

Po Box 1556

Wellington 6011

Attn: Angie Lawrie