Students can prove who they are without paper  

25 May 2015.

Students can now share their identity information, without having to send in their passport or birth certificate, when they apply online for a Student Allowance and Loan, if they have a RealMe verified identity.

Using a RealMe verified identity

When students verify their identity through the RealMe service they can use it to prove who they are online with any organisation that uses RealMe. A RealMe verified identity means they can also do things like open a bank account (with participating banks) and enrol to vote online without the paperwork.

If students are applying for a Student Allowance and Loan for the first time, make sure they apply online with a RealMe verified identity, so they don’t need to worry about sending us their identity documents.

Students can follow these quick and easy steps to set up their RealMe verified identity before they apply.

  1. Create a RealMe login go to
  2. Verify your identity online.
  3. Go to a PostShop and get your photo taken – you will receive an email once your identity is confirmed.
  4. Apply online for your student finances.

Students can still apply for a Student Allowance and Loan online without a verified identity. If students apply without a verified identity they will need to send us evidence of their identity, like their passport or birth certificate.

Students who have applied for a Student Allowance or Loan online in the past and StudyLink has seen their identity documents can login to MyStudyLink to apply as a returning student without a verified identity.

Find out more about RealMe and verified identity at