Now's the time to apply for 2nd semester

02 June 2016.

Students planning to study in 2nd semester, need to get their student finances organised.  Even if they are not sure where or what they will be studying - it can be changed later.  Even if they haven't got their results yet - apply now is the message.

Reapplying for 2nd Semester

If students have received a Loan or Allowance in semester one, then all they need to do is login to MyStudyLink and use the quick and easy Returning Application.

Most of their application will be pre-filled from last time. All they need to do is check, update and tick the confirmation box for each section. Then leave the rest to us.

First time student - thinking about going to study?

Make sure student's who are thinking about study check out our Thinking about study page. There is information about student life, what it will cost and the different ways you can support yourself.

Please encourage students to take our Sussed Reality Check.

Students can then check what they can get and apply online.