Evidence requirements

Information for education providers about StudyLink evidence requirements.

Original and verified copies

All documents sent to StudyLink you must be verified copies. Don't send originals.

A verified copy is a copy of the original document which has been signed and dated by someone who is an approved source at the students education provider, who can confirm that the copy is the same as the original.

To verify a document, you must print your name and title on each page of the copy, write that it is a true copy and sign it.

The fastest and easiest way for students to return any documents to us is by using www.connect.co.nz

If you do this, you will also need to log an issue in SAKBase detailing the student's circumstances so that we can determine whether processing of the information should be prioritised.

Submitting documents online

The fastest and easiest way for students to submit documents to StudyLink is online using www.connect.co.nz

It's quick and easy to get everything sorted. They can:

  1. Go to www.connect.co.nz and create a Connect account using their RealMe login.
  2. Upload their verified documents. Tell us their name and client number.
  3. Submit to StudyLink.

Note: Connect is provided by Techspace Connect Ltd and is not a Ministry of Social Development (MSD) system. MSD is not responsible for the storage, security, disclosure, or loss of information provided to the Connect system.

Sending evidence for multiple students

When sending evidence for multiple students together, please take care to ensure that it is obvious which student each document corresponds to.

You can do this by writing or appending their client number or student ID on each document, or each stapled lot for a single student. Please do not staple evidence for multiple students together.