Overseas study

Information for education providers about study undertaken while overseas.


To get a Student Loan or Student Allowance a student needs to be enrolled at a tertiary education provider in New Zealand and studying overseas on an approved programme.

If a student is studying at an overseas campus or delivery site of a New Zealand provider, they also need to be studying:

  • in regions the Government wishes to expand its commercial and social linkages – visit Education New Zealand for a list of these countries
  • level 7 or higher on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework
  • part of the qualification in New Zealand
  • full-time and not studying extramurally

If a student is a permanent resident and are going overseas as part of their course, they can’t be enrolled extramurally and they need to be studying in a country that they have never been to or have not spent more than six months in, over the last five years.

Secondary students must be studying through a recognised exchange organisation and must have attended a New Zealand secondary school prior to commencing the exchange programme. Note – secondary school students are not eligible to receive a Student Loan.

Where a student is going to be studying overseas they need to submit an Overseas study application, and have this approved by StudyLink, in order for any Student Allowance or Student Loan payments to continue.

The amount of Student Allowance or Student Loan a student can get while studying overseas is the same as if they are studying in New Zealand.

The education provider's role

As the New Zealand based education provider, you need to complete the education provider section on the form to confirm that the student is enrolled with you and meets the requirements to study overseas.

The study dates reported need to be the dates of the overseas study period, including any vacation periods (but not any travel or vacation time the student will be taking outside the course).

The form should be completed by a staff member from your Overseas Exchange Office, or other relevant department.

Importance of Overseas study forms

StudyLink undertakes a regular data match with the New Zealand Customs Service.

Where a student is identified through this match as having left the country, and they have not been approved Overseas study by StudyLink, any payments that they receive may be stopped.

As a result, it is important to advise students looking to study overseas to make contact with StudyLink well in advance of their departure.