Status Reports

Automated Status Reports are sent to education providers regularly, to allow providers to monitor the progress of Student Loan applications that relate to that provider.

About Status Reports

Each year, StudyLink approves approximately 200,000 Student Loan applications, and pays out more than $1,000,000,000 in fees.  We understand that education providers have an interest in monitoring the progress of applications for students who’ve said they’ll pay their fees this way, and making sure they progress in order for us to make payments to you on their behalf.

While the StudyLink Helpline can respond to status queries received via SAKBase, phone or email, these details can be collated and provided to you through an easy to use Status Report.

Contents of a Status Report:

  • Name and date of birth
  • Client Number (also known as SWN)
  • Student ID
  • Study Start Date
  • Current Application Status (a list of these is in the table below)
  • Date of Current Status
  • Context of Current Status – for example what evidence we’re waiting on
  • Campus

Delivery and frequency of Status Reports:

Status reports are generated daily and available on VoS Online each day for your staff (with access) to download. This ensures each report will have the most up-to-date information available.

Some enrolment systems allow you to load these files directly into your system; for those that don’t there’s a viewing tool available on VoS Online.

Duration of each status on the report:

Applications that are at the incomplete, contract, post contract or approved stages will appear for 40 weeks after they change to that status.

Closed or declined applications will appear for 4 weeks. This means you’ll be kept up to date with your students’ applications over the course of their academic year, while only seeing declined or ineligible applications for a reduced period.

Types of application status

Under the Current Application Status field, we’ll list one of the following statuses for your students:


We’ve made the first loan payment to the student and their Loan Account is activated. This can occur before the 7 working day disclosure period has expired and fees are ready to be paid, as living costs and course-related costs payments we make directly to the student aren’t subject to that wait.

If you’ve sent a VoS, it isn’t unusual for a status to not change to ACTIVE right away; we may be confirming with Work and Income that the student’s study will not conflict with any assistance they are receiving from them. This can take 3-5 working days after the VOS is received to be completed.


The Loan Account has been closed. If the student has nominated their Student Loan to pay fees, their details will appear on the Non-payment of Fees Report. This can also occur when the student has made more than one application and we’ve closed an unnecessary duplicate, so check the report for applications the student has that are still ACTIVE.


A contract has been issued to the student and we’re waiting for it to be signed and returned. If evidence is also required (for example their birth certificate, passport or bank account) this will be requested on the covering letter the contract is sent with. If the student has signed a paper contract with StudyLink before, they can nominate to sign their contract online through their MyStudyLink account, rather than waiting to receive one by post.


A contract has been returned and accepted but the Student Loan has not yet progressed. This can occur when the contract was returned with evidence that we’re still processing. It can take 3-5 working days after the contract and evidence are received to be completed.


The application has been declined before the VoS cycle started. This can be a result of the student being an undischarged bankrupt, or not being a New Zealand Citizen or having met residency requirements, or not meeting the overseas study requirements.


The application has been declined after a confirmed VoS has been received. This can occur when your response shows the student is not studying full-time full-year or full-time part-year, they’re not known to your provider, or we’ve identified that they’re receiving a benefit from Work and Income they need to come off of before we can approve their application, or the student doesn't meet the overseas study requirements.


The application has been declined after the first payment in the account. This can occur when the student has withdrawn, reduced their EFTS below the required level or their personal circumstances have changed, e.g. they’ve since been declared bankrupt, or they are not meeting the overseas study requirements.


The application is incomplete and cannot proceed without further information. See the Context section for more information on this.


VoS has been received and a Loan Entitlement Advice letter generated, but it’s too early for us to make any payments (which would make the loan ACTIVE). This occurs when the loan is approved more than two weeks before the study start date (the earliest we can issue payments for course-related costs or fees), and can also happen when the LEA letter has not actually been issued to the student.


An application has been submitted, but hasn’t been processed or assessed yet.


We’ve received a valid contract, but evidence (such as their birth certificate, IRD number or passport) is required before we can accept the contract and the application can progress. See the Context section for more information on this. You may need to contact the student to prompt them to provide items.


The account is in payment, but we have had an unconfirmed response to a subsequent VoS request. This is normally due to a student applying for a new period of study while the existing period is still current.


We’ve sent a request to the Ministry of Education for the student’s past results of study, and are waiting on their response.


A Student ID is required to start the VoS cycle. This is only for education providers that require a Student ID and can occur when a student is studying at multiple providers, or included other providers on their application and has not let us know that they’re no longer enrolling there. Students can enter their IDs through MyStudyLink, and providers can provide them through SAKBase.


We have a confirmed VoS, but the student has indicated they’re applying to Work and Income for a Training Incentive Allowance to assist with their course. We need to confirm the outcome of their application which can take 3-5 working days after the VoS is received.


We’ve requested a VoS, but the response received is either a mismatch or lists them as unknown.


We’re ready to request VoS, but are not within the lead-in period – the period prior to the study start date in which the education provider has told us they’ll accept requests. This is set by default at six weeks, but can be changed at the provider's request. The Student Loan status will stay the same until we’re inside the lead-in period and are able to send a request.


A VoS request has been issued, and we’re waiting for a confirmed response.


A VoS response has been received and the application is going through a series of checks before we can issue the LEA letter. This can take 3-5 working days after the VoS is received.


The loan account has been suspended to prevent further payments from being made. This can occur when the student has advised us they no longer wish to continue with their loan, or they’ve made multiple claims for course-related costs and we need to confirm whether they are eligible to receive them. This can take 3-5 working days to be completed once the VoS is received.


The student has not yet held their residence class visa for two years. We’ll reassess their application once they do.


(For study starting from 1 Jan 2014) The student has not yet held their residence class visa for three years. We’ll reassess their application once they do.

Context definitions

The different current application statuses can indicate we require further information from the student, for example they’ve not answered questions on their application, or need to provide evidence.


A VoS has been received but not applied as the student has reached their annual 2 EFTS limit. Appears with ACTIVE, LEAA or VOSREC.


IRD number required.


Student needs to advise whether they’re in prison.


Provide Age Restriction information / evidence.


Confirmation the Dept. of Corrections has endorsed their study is required.


Confirm whether they were studying the same programme as at 19 May 2011.


The student needs to advise where else they’ll be studying; they have indicated they’re studying at another provider, but not which, when or where.


Nominated Alternative Contact Person, for IRD required.


The student needs to nominate a living costs amount; they have indicated that they want to borrow living costs each week, but not the amount they want to borrow.


Mailing address required.


The student needs to confirm whether they have Student Loan repayments overdue with Inland Revenue.


Student needs to advise whether they’ll be receiving a benefit from Work and Income while in study.


Evidence of being a NZ Citizen or Permanent Resident is required.


Evidence of bank account number required.


Evidence is required to confirm that the student had reasons beyond their control for not passing half for Student Loan performance purposes.


Student needs to advise the bank account number they want to use to receive their nominated course-related costs or living costs.


Student needs to advise their residency status.


Student needs to advise whether they’re an undischarged bankrupt.


Student needs to advise whether their spouse is on a benefit.


We need to know which campuses the student is studying at.


The student needs to return the Statement of Satisfactory Progress we issued them, in order to confirm their results of study.


Evidence of their identity and date of birth is required.


Student needs to provide their student ID number (this may be for a different provider the student is also applying for).


Student needs to advise whether they want the Student Loan to pay their fees.


Student needs to advise whether they are a Summary Instalment Debtor.


Student needs to advise whether they are studying a Fees Free or Youth Guarantee course.


Student needs to advise whether they will be applying to Work and Income for a Training Incentive Allowance.


Evidence of their IRD number required.

Status Report converter

The Status Report converter can help you translate the reports you get through VoS Online into an excel spreadsheet. You can access this through VoS Online.

Note: It is important to take extra care when sharing converted reports with other staff at your education provider given the personal nature of the information contained in the reports.

Status Reports training presentation

The attached presentation consolidates the above information regarding Status Reports.