VoS and education provider documents

The Education Act 1989 requires education providers to supply StudyLink with information it needs to be able to administer the payment of financial assistance to students. The information that you provide as part of this called Verification of Study (VoS), and is submitted through the VoS Online website.

Information Matching Agreement (IMA)

The VoS process is recognised as an official data match by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, and as such, a formal Information Matching Agreement between the StudyLink and each provider involved is required by them.

All education providers are required to sign a copy of the Information Matching Agreement before the VoS process can occur.

The IMA talks about how the match will occur, and what information will be transferred between the parties.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

This document is not a legally binding document, but it documents some of the key areas that are crucial to the relationship between StudyLink and education providers and how we’ll work together.

It talks about a ‘change freeze’ period (where no system changes can be implemented) and areas such as the reporting of withdrawal information.

VoS Rules and Processes

A ‘how to guide’ for VoS explaining the rules and processes that are to be used in the VoS process.

It is targeted towards admin or enrolment staff at education providers who would be involved in the VoS process, and is available under the ‘Reference’ menu in VoS Online.

VoS Technical Guide

This details the technical side of the VoS process for education providers that that download VoS files, import them into their enrolment systems, and then upload the resulting file to StudyLink. It is targeted towards technical and IT based staff, and is available under the ‘Reference’ menu in VoS Online.