VoS Technical Guide

Technical information to support the Verification of Study (VoS) match between education providers and StudyLink.

Electronic transfer method

Electronic transfer is the preferred Verification of Study (VoS) transfer method due to the level of automation it provides both StudyLink and education providers.

Find out about:

  • prerequisites for using the full electronic transfer method
  • the VoS Online site
  • usernames and passwords
  • file encryption
  • the transfer process.

VoS file formats

Different types of files are sent between StudyLink and education providers. All these files have different formats, and properties.

Payment and refund schedule formats

Explains the formatting of payment and refund schedule files.

Report file formats

Technical information about Status Reports and Non-payment of Fees Reports.

VoS response rules

A provider should return a single record in the VoS Response for each programme of study the student is enrolled in.