VoS Rules and Processes

The Verification of Study (VoS) process is a match that is recognised by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and is governed by the Information Matching Agreement (IMA). The VoS confirms the student's study details in order for StudyLink to complete assessments of eligibility for Student Allowance and Student Loan.

About Verification of Study (VoS)

Find out about VoS, VoS Online and faxed VoS.

VoS requests

A VoS request is a file that is sent to an education provider, asking for confirmation of the student's study details.

Find out about:

  • when VoS requests are sent
  • frequency of VoS requests
  • the contents of a VoS request.

VoS responses

When an education provider receives a VoS request, they must respond to this. This is called a VoS response. A VoS response confirms to StudyLink the student’s enrolment details.

Find out about:

  • what a VoS response is
  • the contents of a VoS response
  • segmented study
  • withdrawn VoS responses
  • Youth Guarantee programmes.

VoS parameters and rules

Different VoS parameters, as well as the 52-week and one-month VoS rules, and how they are used in the VoS process.

Student Loan accounts

When a Student Loan application reaches its final approval stage, a Student Loan account is created. A Student Loan account runs for a period of 52 weeks.

Find out about:

  • the loan account period
  • loan accounts and VoS
  • loan account closures.

Exceptions to standard VoS processes

An explanation of Blank VoS, education provider matching and ReVoS.

Fee payments

Student Loan payments for compulsory fees are made directly to the education provider.

Find out about:

  • Loan Entitlement Advice (LEA)
  • payments to education providers
  • amount of fee payment
  • refund of unused fees
  • superseding fee requests.

Awards and scholarships

Find out about the VoS process for the five scholarships currently administered by StudyLink: NZQA Scholarship Monetary Award, Step Up Scholarship, Bonded Merit Scholarship, Non-government Organisation (NGO) Study Award, Family Start Award and TeachNZ.

VoS reports

Read about the two key reports; Status Reports and Payment Schedules.